Paltalk Hebrew Instructions / ahrc / hebpal.html

These instructions allow you to view the Hebrew words in Paltalk chat rooms on Windows XP. If you have Windows Vista, you might find it hard to follow along. In this situation you might want to click here for Windows Vista instructions. If you are using Windows 7, click here for Windows 7 instructions.

1. Find your control panel and open it. Usually you can find it in My Computer or on your Start Menu.

Image of someone clicking Start then clicking on the Control Panel from the Start Menu

2. Find the Regional and Languages settings. It may not look exactly like this picture so you may have to search around to find it.

Image of someone clicking Regional and Language Options from the Control Panel in Classic View

3. Click on the Languages tab and install the Right-To-Left languages by clicking the top check box and then clicking OK. Then you might have to click Yes to a few things and restart your computer.

Image of someone clicking the Languages Tab then checking two check boxes on this tab

Image of someone clicking OK from the Languages Tab

4. After you have installed the Right-To-Left language, re-open the Regional and Languages settings and click on the Advanced tab. In the drop down menu, select Hebrew and click OK. It will probably ask you to restart your computer again. Just click Yes to whatever comes up.

Image of someone clicking the Advanced Tab and then selecting Hebrew from the drop down menu